The air changes it all

Walking right out of my main door has been one of the most difficult tasks nowadays. Why? Because as I step outside either its just too hot or its too dusty. A car might pass through me leaving behind a gust of sand all over my hair, or warm humid breeze may blow dust right towards me. And all this could have been ignored, only if it didn’t bother to change my day. Unconsciously it starts effecting my mood throughout the day. With dust stuck between my eyelashes it irritates my vision, and I wonder if it affects my way of seeing things? Because my hair is messed up in untidy knots, does my brain tangle up too? how many days have I started my mornings being greeted by a gush of polluted air rather than plain old sunny rays? sure its just an assumption of how it effects me in daily life and it might not necessarily change the way my mind works or how I see things but nevertheless, I cant help but wonder how much of irritation and annoyance I carry with me all day long just because of how my day started with a gush of rusty air. No matter how fresh and ready I am when I leave my house, by the time I reach my destination, its like my shoes have another layer of skin on top of it, my jeans is covered with sparkly sand, my neck and fingers feel sticky due to dust particles and my face suddenly tans a shade darker.

I am not the only one who faces this right? The air pollution must have effected us all one way or the other and unconsciously we might even not realize how sever its getting each day.

– Aakriti Kapali



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