Abroad an option or compulsion?

According to the “Ministry of Labor and Employment Nepal,” The total migration for foreign unemployment in 2015 is 4, 49,038 which is a huge number based on the population of Nepal. Every year around 300, 00- 400,000 youths compete in job market of Nepal but only 5-10% are able to find the job in their country, according to the Nepal Labor Survey 2015.
Other remaining people either need to leave their native land in search of employment opportunities to some other countries or adjust themselves in underpaid jobs which doesn’t match with their qualification.
Just like a fashion trend, nowadays abroad studies is also major trend of Nepal not only among youths but also among adults. We can see that most of the youth’s future plan is to go abroad after completion of their intermediate/ graduate level not for further studies butalso for a secure life. In the context of Nepal,it seems to be very difficult to understand today’s young generation’s psychology. What they think? What they do? How they perceive?. They feel like since there is not much exposure in Nepal so, it’s better to apply abroad than applying for a job in Nepal because of low economy. However, the life over there is not as simple as we think. The hard work that we do in foreign countries if contributed in our own land then we might be able to improve our economy. Nowadays people lack the creativity that they used to have before. The leaders and entrepreneurs seem to be missing abstract ideas nowadays.
Is there really no opportunities for young generation in their own native land? Either it’s the perception of people believing in abroad opportunities or youths of our land surrendering to our economic conditions.
Questions are raised many times but not a single question is answered properly. We all are aware of the fact about the potential Nepalese youths possess. They are lacking the passion and their focus on the goal which they use to have before. The time which they spend in social sites, if they can utilize it by learning career development skills as well as personality grooming training program then it will be helpful for them in their professional career. Nowadays there are many institution who provides such program. They can even learn through social media, which is the most powerful tool where you can get basic idea regarding the skills necessary for your career.
Is the brain drain becoming more and more prevalent in our nation? Just the thought of employment security can make thousands of Nepali youths run to another country every chance they get. Are we not capable to provide the security that they feel foreign countries gives them? Because one thing is for sure, the sever loss our country faces each year, as each potential individual steps foot out of our land is the biggest hindrance to our growth and sustainable future.

-Roshi KC


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