The Road of Insanity

Walk on the road like you usually do, but instead of having a fixed destination, have none at all. Instead of having some girl or guy on your mind, don’t have one. Despite of the tendency to look at others, don’t! Now imagine what would you do? That’s the situation I face everyday, not knowing what to do, no one in your mind and nothing that looks real. Then you realize something, you are one of the specie of homosapiens with one purpose in life, to have a gene in the gene pool, compared to the big picture.

Yes, everything you have accomplished till now, medals and awards all are for nothing. The people that you love are but minute pawns in assuring your gene gets passed on. Everyone is some robot trying to find passion. Or is it? We humans have a special ability of not looking at the big picture and getting fixated on work and family. It’s always accomplish and get better. That’s how we become happy, by hiding the truth and fear of the atomic importance that we have in front of the vast universe.

Now let’s come to fact that universe is expanding every unit of time that the humans have classified. Everyday planets where organisms appear and get destroyed. The big bang that we so profoundly call as the one that has created everything appeared out of “no where” and is “now here”. Everything changes, everything dies, the sun of our solar system is dying little by little or someday may gulp the earth as it is expanding too. So what should we do reader of this insanity, what will you do? Will it create some different impact on the universe? Or will it be in vain? It’s all in the future for I am a teenager gonna reach adulthood soon.

  • Animesh Basnet

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