Have you ever been called inexpressive? Has anyone ever told you to be more open about your feelings? Has anyone confessed to you how you don’t show as much as love you say you have?

Why you ask? Because feeling it isn’t enough. Feeling that they are loved sometimes isn’t enough, infact, is better when expressed. Because time is not as much as you think is there. That is why, before it gets too late, tell your loved  ones how much you value them. Before time and death does you apart, tell them. Remember, these two can’t be reversed. And also remember, all the things you never said will break your heart first, then haunt you forever.

They know, so why stress it out so much? Because hearing love in words does magic. The magic that brings  faith back and strengthens it. Because hearing love makes you believe you a bit more. The world is lacking energy and love, and expression of it can bring so much of it. Don’t you think so?

Get yourself over it and express it as much as you can. Because faith has an expiration date. Even if it didn’t, you shouldn’t take those who you love for granted. You shouldn’t push this person to the point that their faith gives up on them. Yes, FAITH gives up on people. Faith comes above actions. Inactions breed fear. Do you want someone you love fear and question everything that you say you give to them? Do you even love them? If you did, you wouldn’t let them go through this. They are going through this and they are going through it silently. They need to hear this so that they can tell themselves that faith had been restored. Ask yourself, haven’t you ever felt like giving someone a chance who says no to action? Do you deserve that? Now that you have the answer, ask yourself again. Would you like to feel that? So should you be doing this to someone else?

Don’t avoid things because they are too hard to handle. Because, maybe, you won’t get a second chance. Don’t let your faith upon a second chance get away. ‘Cause when you lose something that had a place in your heart, you get lost.

Don’t lose yourself. Expression matters. It helps. It becomes an energy

-Lunswan Tuladhar, Volunteer





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