Creasion is a non-governmental organisation launched in 2005 by Aanand Mishra, with support from his friends. Their aim was to provide people-especially those of the younger generation-an opportunity to extend their feelings of compassion into actions. Creasion’s primary objectives are to encompass various elements of development, such as collective and sustainable progression, volunteerism, and research based tasks.

We, at Creasion, believe that every person, regardless of their race, caste, gender, or ability, should be given a chance to express themselves and sharpen their abilities. Regardless of where they come from or where they think they might end up, Creasion gives people the opportunity to redefine their character.

While our primary goal is to act as a medium through which to volunteer, we also try to keep in mind that sometimes, there are more than a hundred ways to tackle the same situation. We try to incorporate the most eco-friendly and socio-dependable path to take so as to make every choice we make feel like the right choice.

Creasion works closely with its core values in check, and the most important of the five is compassion. Regardless of how efficient your work is, or how grand your plans are, if you don’t have a certain amount of relatability to the practice of contributing, then you will not leave with the feeling of satisfaction others do. That is the beauty of volunteerism: it needs to come from within, and at Creasion, compassion is almost all you need to have.


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